Monday, March 06, 2006

Checklist IT, IT tools, digitale systems English

Checklist for applying IT as a tool with digital systems.

  1. Is a IT as being a tool well applied with digital systems in a company or organisation ? Or are more problems and work created ?
  2. Are the digital systems and IT applications in a company or organisation to old ?
  3. Can the digital systems in a company or organisator integrate flexibel different kinds of components and applications ?
  4. Even from old systems ?
  5. Are the digital systems, IT adaptions and applications integrated for (knowledge) employees and clients ?
  6. Or is it a complexe chaos ?
  7. Are the (knowledge) employees familiar with IT adaptions. And is there a vision for future developments ?
  8. Is there a vision for the future about the digital systems and the service tools which are needed when business is going to be done mainly with the internet ?Are contacts with clients be made by internet and is there a vision about this based on customer experience ?
  9. Are externe contacts easy and flexibel be controlled by using internet ?
  10. Are the IT tools in a company or organisation continu developped and monitored by the ICT controler for future situations ?
  11. Does certain or important information, depending on speed) arrive at the target people, quick and automatical. For example knowledge-employees and management ?
  12. Does the flow of information in a company or organisation transform automatically. Or are knowledge-employees spending and working useless with it.
  13. Is to much time spend on gathering information by the employees ?
  14. Or are they spending time on analysing data ?
  15. Are the digital systems and IT tools applyed for core tasks ?
  16. Is there a efficient reorganisation of tasks by using IT tools and digital systemsIs there a digital data back up systeem in a organisation or company ?
  17. Is there a good and necessary answer of important questions about a company or organisation by the IT digital system?
  18. Can the IT digital systeem quick analyse the sales area’s ?Does the company or organisator adapt digital systems in bits or totally ?
  19. And can the digital systeem integrate easy and flexible, knowledgemanagement, operationele and core activities and traiding ?
  20. Can everyone work everywhere on the planet with the digital systeem ?
  21. Can traiding or a businessproces be started as a first solution by using digital systems and IT tools ?
  22. And can it be step by step monitored ?
  23. Can everyone, employees and management follow the proces, traiding and trends with it ?
  24. Can independent different processes be connected to create 1 big proces. Working as a efficient digital systeem ?
  25. Is the digital information flow in a company be used for simplification of the proces, task and work ?
  26. Or create IT tools useless different tasks ?
  27. Does a company has a spending politici for maintenance and running of digital systems and IT tools ?
  28. Or once upon a time ?
  29. Is there a clear view about the costs and price comparities for digital systems, applications, IT tools and alternative solutions ?
  30. Does a company or organisation buy 1 easy and cheap commercial ICT solution ?
  31. Is there a easy adaptation and development of IT tools, software applications with the digital systeem ?
  32. Also for independant components ?
  33. Can the ICTmanager easy contol the different internet technologies


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