Monday, April 03, 2006

INSEAD Professor Philip Anderson,
Department of Entrepreneurship
"There is absolutely
no doubt that there will be a significant
wave of innovation emerging from across
Asia in the coming years. There are
tens of thousands of engineers and scientists
pouring out of Asia's best graduate schools
every year. Add to that the talent flowing back
into Asia after absorbing innovation know-how
abroad. Everyone currently thinks of China
and India as simply low cost production centres.
But only a few regions can be the lowest
cost producers, so every other region had
better innovate or die."
Henry Chesbrough, Harvard Business School"Useful knowledge these days is widely diffused. No-one has a monopoly on knowledge ... it makes sense to orient your innovation efforts to accessing, building upon and integrating that external knowledge into useful products and services."
Paul Polman, Procter & Gamble President Western Europe, "Innovation is now coming from everywhere. P&G has 8,000 researchers, but there are over 1 million global technologies and sciences that P&G practices… We needed to better tap into these resources."
Wall Street Journal"As the hub of global manufacturing migrates steadily toward low-wage regions, particularly Asia, more innovation in new products, processes and technologies is likely to follow," says Deloitte Consulting.

BusinessWeek"A new R&D model is emerging, dubbed open innovation. Companies of all sizes are ... casting wide research nets, snapping up work at diverse corporate, government, and academic labs."
Wall Street Journal"While companies often outsource jobs for lower wages, many are also going to China, India and other emerging economies for brain power and product ideas. The trend raises the specter of stiffening global competition involving innovation as well as cost."


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